Startup entrepreneurs, come and meet us!



TEK offers valuable services for entrepreneurs.


Come and meet us in Slush! TEK has its own stand on 4th-5th December 2018. At our stand you can join the Pacman competition. We also give away 50 pairs of woolen socks to TEK members to keep your legs warm in the slush. At our stand you will also meet our experts who can tell you about entrepreneurs' services. Follow TEK in Slush with hashtag #TEKxSLUSH on Twitter and Instagram.


TEK is serving more and more entrepreneurs


TEK has a special interest in improving conditions for technology entrepreneurs. About one fourth of TEK members are entrepreneurs or interested in entrepreneurship. We work with several funding agencies, publish information and guidelines and offer a variety of services for entrepreneurs.


We offer for example personal legal advice, information and guidelines, Entrepreneurs Club and insurances.

TEK at Slush

Come and meet us!

Welcome to TEK stand to pick up woolen socks (for members only), play Pacman and discuss entrepreneurs' services.

Who is the best Pacman player in Slush? The winners gets the game console as the prize. We are also giving away 50 pairs of woolen socks to TEK members who first visit our stand each day.

At our stand you will also meet TEK's experts with whom you can talk, for example about entrepreneurial services, the entrepreneur's unemployment fund, setting up a business, combining entrepreneurship and well-being at work.

Join TEK Entrepreneurs' club

Technology entrepreneurs and those with an interest in the field form a network of like-minded people in the TEK Entrepreneurs’ Club. The club is open to all TEK members and functions as a connection hub and a forum for TEK entrepreneurs and members with an entrepreneurial mindset. Entrepreneurs’ Club membership is free of charge to all TEK members.